What Happens In A Fire Alarm Inspections & Test In HoustonPt 2

Usual Things To Anticipate During A Houston Fire Alarm Inspections

Part 2

How Much Time Will This Take?

The biggest factor determining the length of the inspection process and testing is simply the facility size. A smaller system in a specific area might be done in an hour, although a bigger facility with more than one building, each with complicated systems, might need several days.

Fire systems inspecting and testing has to be meticulous and thorough. Rushing it should never happen.

What Should My Employees Be Aware Of About All Of This?

Your employees should already have familiarity with the fire drill procedures of the building. They should also know that testing and inspection will be happening in their building on special dates. Even though disruptive elements like strobes and alarms need testing to ensure functionality, the testing should only be a few minutes, just enough to verify effectiveness.

How Frequently Does Inspecting &Testing Need To Happen?

If you want to keep your facility safe and NFPA-compliant, then routine fire alarm inspections are crucial to accomplishing this. Fire safety technicians need to test control panels, remote annunciators, alarm communication equipment, and initiating devices across the fire alarm system at least on an annual basis. This makes up most of the overall inspection process.

Every other year, the fire alarm inspectors need to also handle sensitivity tests for the smoke detector devices in addition to funciton testing.

Keep A Safe Workplace

Fire alarms tend to be the fastest and most reliable means of telling everyone inside a building that an emergency is happening and that they need to get out. Lives can be saved with fire alarm systems armed with smoke detection technology, audible alarms, and strobe lights. As such, they need to be maintained with regularity to make sure they stay reliable and ready.

Fire safety technicians are the professionals who conduct such testes, as they go through meticulous inspections, record them, and tag devices as need be.

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