You’re A Business Owner In Houston? Here’s A Guide To Prevent Fire

Top 4 Tips To Keep Your Business Safe From Fire In Houston

A fire can lead to the loss of life or destruction of property. That is why it is can be a catastrophic event. Every business must have a fire safety plan in place as this helps protect their staff and employee if a fire breaks out. Businesses should include a detailed evacuation plan in their fire safety plan, and ensure their employees know the detailed evacuation plan. This allows the employees to exit the building as fast as possible if a fire breaks out.

Fire Suppression System

It is important to install fire suppression systems in many businesses, especially restaurants. Fire suppression systems are complex devices, so strategically place them in different areas of the kitchen or office building. When the temperatures change to certain degrees, they trigger automatically or you can pull an emergency switch to manually turn them on. Fire suppression systems extinguish the fires by releasing chemicals onto the fire-prone locations. Offices and restaurants need to hire a professional to install fire suppression systems because professionals comply with fire codes. Test the system thoroughly after installation. To ensure the system and fire extinguishers comply with local laws and fire safety codes, regularly inspect them. If you request the Texas Department of Insurance, they will conduct fire safety inspections.

Evacuation Plan

There should be an evacuation plan in every business establishment and workplace. But remember that the most perfect plan is useless if the only person, who knows it, is the one, who made it. Once you go through the evacuation plan, ensure every employee and staff member knows what to do. Include all exits to use in the plan, and the workers should know the number of steps they must take to reach the exit if there are visibility problems. Every building should have two or more exits, especially if one of the exits is blocked. Do not ignore a fire alarm rings if it rings. Use the evacuation plan and follow it strictly. To ensure you and your staff are experts at your evacuation plan, post the evacuation plan, and perform drills. If you have disabled workers, make the necessary provisions for them. If there are visitors, who do not know your evacuation plan, take into account how you will help them.

Company Policies

Apart from the right equipment and plan, fire prevention also depends on the proper mindset and behavior, including reducing the build-up of heat by giving your electrical equipment and computer breathing room. So, do not crush your cords under any furniture or equipment and never bend the cords. If not using appliances, unplug them. Smoke? Then, smoke in designated smoking areas only and dispose of cigarette butts properly. If there are fire hazards, report them to maintenance immediately.

Comply With All Fire Safety Codes

It is important to comply with the fire safety codes. The adoption of the 2009 version of the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101 for regulating fire safety in Texas was announced by the Texas State Fire Marshall on Oct. 15, 2009. There are provisions on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, exits, and other life-saving devices on the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101. For example, do not obstruct the exits, clearly mark and label the exits, and provide at least two exits in buildings.

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