Importance Of Fire Safety Equipment Regular Maintenance In Houston Pt 1

A Guide On Servicing Your Houston Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety equipment is intended to provide protection for your premises as well as any person on site. However, all the fire safety equipment in the world isn’t going to help you if it fails to work. The equipment needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that it is in optimal working order when you need it most.

If you think that servicing and maintenance is a costly and unnecessary expense, then what’s the point in having the equipment installed in the first place? You may even think that the chances of a fire extinguisher failing are slim but is it really worth the risk? Failure of fire safety equipment could cost you thousands in fire damage to your property and may even result in someone’s death.

Keeping this in mind, below are some of the most common faults that occur with fire safety equipment and the likely consequences. This information is critical to understanding the importance of regular maintenance and servicing of fire safety equipment.

1. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an early warning system that informs you that there is a possibility of a fire or that a fire has already started somewhere in the building. This alert is crucial to provide time for people to evacuate the building in a calm and orderly fashion until fire services arrive to provide assistance. It is a legal requirement that all commercial premises have a fire alarm system installed. However, the law says very little about maintaining the system.

Alarm System Faults

The most common fault that can put your fire alarm out of operation is a power failure. A system may need to be reset after a power outage. Ground faults and faulty circuits may also cause the early warning system to become inoperative. Water damage, wear, and tear or other causes can damage wiring and circuits.

The Importance Of Servicing & Maintaining Alarm Systems

Even if your system has a display panel that informs you that a fault has occurred and where that fault is located, it is not foolproof. The system may fail to detect damage to circuits or wiring. A professional technician will inspect the system to see where hidden faults may lie and also identify areas where faults may occur in the future. This inspection is essential if you have multiple alarm points installed throughout the building.

2. Fire Suppression Systems

A fire suppression system is designed to automatically activate within seconds of a heat trace tube being ruptured in the event of a fire. Both direct and indirect systems don’t require manual input in order to suppress a fire.

Fire Suppression Faults

Fire suppression systems don’t rely on electronics or human interaction and are therefore not highly prone to faults or failure. However, this does not mean that faults cannot occur. Wear and tear and damage to parts need to be repaired and the suppressant topped up occasionally to prevent system failure.

Importance Of Servicing & Maintaining A Fire Suppression System

If you don’t service your fire suppression system regularly, you simply don’t know if it is going to function when it is needed most. A professional service will give you the peace of mind that the system is operational and will suppress a fire.

3. Fire Doors

Fire doors are intended to contain a fire or prevent it from spreading from one area of a building to another. This gives people more time to safely evacuate the premises and confines the damage that the fire can do.

Faults To Fire Doors

Doors can become jammed, the seal can become damaged or hinges can deteriorate or not be fitted correctly. There are a variety of different problems that can occur with fire doors.

How Servicing Fire Doors Can Prevent Faults

In a recent inspection, 677 faulty fire doors were identified on 31 premises. This is an extremely worrying statistic. It only takes a couple of minutes to inspect each fire door to ensure that there are no faults and repairs are commonly simple. It is well worth the time and the cost to have your fire doors inspected and serviced regularly.

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